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BoA announced that since there was an uneven distribution of members after the previous elimination, groups with more than 7 people needed to vote on who stayed and who would leave the group. The remaining groups, which had less than 7 people after the elimination, picked from the members who were voted out. All the composers for the concept evaluation songs visited the trainees and they performed in front of the composers. This episode showed the live performances for all five concept evaluations. "Open Up" group received an encore call and afterwards was also declared the winner of the concept evaluation, resulting in at least 20,000 benefit votes for each member, with the person from that group with the most votes, winning 100,000 benefit votes, to be revealed in the next elimination (Kang Dongho and Kang Daniel were the two candidates for 1st place). In addition, the group would also perform on M! Countdown.


Performance Contestant
Concept Producer(s) Song Votes Position Name Votes
Nu Disco Veethoven, Oh Sunghwan, ASHTRAY & KINGMAKER Show Time 135 Main Vocal Park Woodam 2
Sub Vocal Noh Taehyun 6
Sub Vocal Kim Samuel 41
Sub Vocal Lee Woojin 3
Sub Vocal Ha Sungwoon 34
Rapper Kim Sanggyun 12
Rapper Yoon Jisung 37
Synth Pop/Funk Hyuk Shin I Know You Know 83 Main Vocal Seo Sunghyuk 4
Sub Vocal Kim Donghyun 15
Sub Vocal Kim Yehyeon 2
Sub Vocal Kim Taedong 13
Sub Vocal Kim Donghan 10
Rapper Kwon Hyunbin 35
Rapper Jang Moonbok 4
Future EDM Devine-Channel Open Up 552 Main Vocal Kang Dongho 78
Sub Vocal Kang Daniel 205
Sub Vocal Jin Longguo 58
Sub Vocal Ju Haknyeon 71
Sub Vocal Yoo Seonho 59
Rapper Takada Kenta 24
Rapper Lim Youngmin 57
Hip Hop Kiggen & ASSBRASS Oh Little Girl 398 Main Vocal Jung Sewoon 36
Sub Vocal Lee Gunhee 7
Sub Vocal Ahn Hyeongseop 48
Sub Vocal Choi Minki 21
Sub Vocal Bae Jinyoung 82
Rapper Park Jihoon 182
Rapper Lee Euiwoong 22
Deep House Triple H NEVER 443 Main Vocal Kim Jaehwan 52
Sub Vocal Kim Jonghyun 57
Sub Vocal Hwang Minhyun 91
Sub Vocal Ong Seongwoo 40
Sub Vocal Lee Daehwi 60
Rapper Lai Guanlin 48
Rapper Park Woojin 95


Online votes were not shown for this episode. However, below you will see the top ranking trainees based on the on-site voting.

Rank Trainee Company On-site Votes
1 Kang Daniel MMO 205
2 Park Jihoon Maroo 182
3 Park Woojin Brand New Music 95
4 Hwang Minhyun Pledis 91
5 Bae Jinyoung C9 82
6 Kang Dongho Pledis 6
7 Ju Haknyeon Cre.Ker 71
8 Lee Daehwi Brand New Music 60
9 Yoo Seonho Cube 59
10 Jin Longguo Choon 58
11 (tie) Lim Youngmin Brand New Music 57
11 (tie) Kim Jonghyun Pledis 57
13 Kim Jaehwan Independent 52
14 (tie) Lai Guanlin Cube 48
14 (tie) Ahn Hyeongseop Yuehua 48
16 Kim Samuel Brave 41
17 Ong Seongwoo Fantagio 40
18 Yoon Jisung MMO 37
19 Jung Sewoon Starship 36
20 Kwon Hyunbin YGKPlus 35