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The episode opened with BoA treating the contestants to pizza before she temporarily went overseas during the Position Evaluation filming. Sometime after the performances and before the ranking announcement on May 12, BoA gathered the boys informing them about the coming elimination round (where contestants ranking 36 onwards would get eliminated). She then introduced the next challenge: Concept Evaluation. She introduced the five songs: Hyuk Shin's "I Know You Know", Veethoven, Oh Sunghwan, Kiggen and ASSBRASS's "Oh Little Girl", ASHTRAY & KINGMAKER's "Show Time", Devine-Channel's "Open Up", and Triple H's "Never". Group formations were based on the viewers' poll which was first introduced at the end of Episode 5. The top 12 trainees voted for each song were assigned to the songs first. Due to voting manipulation controversies, however, Kang Daniel, Lee Kiwon, and Kim Dongbin were banned from their alleged preferred songs. After they were given their designated songs, the formed groups started to rehearse.

The second elimination round took place during the second half of the episode with the remaining 58 contestants from each company were seen entering the main studio by company. Names of the top 35 trainees were called by BoA one by one starting from rank 34. In between the second elimination round, a mini contest of who punches the strongest was conducted. Kang Dongho was given the title "Punching King". Kim Jonghyun receives the 1st place in the ranking announcement while Kim Donghan ranks 35th, just escaping elimination.

Punching Game

  • Kim Dongbin was the first to volunteer for the challenge. He scored a point value of 917.
  • Choi Minki was the next challenger. He showed off his famous "gangster shoulders" to appeal to the other trainees. He scored a 788 points.
  • Seo Sunghyuk was the next trainee to challenge Dongbin's score. He previously became well known for his strength in P101. He scored 926 points, replacing Dongbin for 1st place.
  • Ong Seongwoo then decided to challenge. Known as the show's funny guy, he hilariously led up to punching the machine. However, he only scored 896 points and sat down after his bit.
  • Kim Donghyun decided to challenge after Seongwoo. He showed off his "Pick Me" dance before trying his punch on the machine. Her scored 947 points, dethroning Seo Sunghyuk and taking 1st place.
  • A series of various trainees were then shown trying to beat Donghyun's score, all failing to do so.
  • Kang Daniel was the next strong contender to challenge Donghyun's score. However, he only ended up scoring 943 points.
  • The trainees then asked "Produce 101's Boss" Kang Dongho to challenge as he is known for his strength and manly image. He also ended up scoring 947 points, tying with Donghyun.
  • Dongho and Donghyun were then asked to "show-off" to see who would be the true winner. Donghyun score 949 points and Dongho scored 950 points. With only a one point difference Dongho won.


Concept Producer(s) Song Members
Nu Disco Veethoven, Oh Sunghwan, ASHTRAY & KINGMAKER Show Time Park Woodam, Noh Taehyun, Kim Samuel, Lee Woojin, Ha Sungwoon, Kim Sanggyun, Yoon Jisung
Synth Pop/Funk Hyuk Shin I Know You Know Seo Sunghyuk, Kim Donghyun, Kim Yehyeon, Kim Taedong, Kim Donghan, Kwon Hyunbin, Jang Moonbok
Future EDM Devine-Channel Open Up Kang Dongho, Kang Daniel, Jin Longguo, Ju Haknyeon, Yoo Seonho, Takada Kenta, Lim Youngmin
Hip Hop Kiggen & ASSBRASS Oh Little Girl Jung Sewoon, Lee Gunhee, Ahn Hyeongseop, Choi Minki, Bae Jinyoung, Park Jihoon, Lee Euiwoong
Deep House Triple H Never Kim Jaehwan, Kim Jonghyun, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Lee Daehwi, Lai Guanlin, Park Woojin


Rank Trainee Company Votes
1 Kim Jonghyun Pledis 2,795,491
2 Lai Guanlin Cube 2,202,665
3 Park Jihoon Maroo 2,181,840
4 Lee Daehwi Brand New Music 2,095,314
5 Lim Youngmin Brand New Music 2,011,798
6 Hwang Minhyun Pledis 2,004,207
7 Ong Seongwoo Fantagio 1,998,849
8 Kang Daniel MMO 1,948,847
9 Kim Jaehwan Independent 1,822,842
10 Ju Haknyeon Cre.Ker 1,629,176
11 Kang Dongho Pledis 1,585,712
12 Bae Jinyoung C9 1,502,905
13 Yoo Seonho Cube 1,502,513
14 Park Woojin Brand New Music 1,396,889
15 Yoon Jisung MMO 1,372,652
16 Kim Samuel Brave 1,306,508
17 Jung Sewoon Starship 1,284,267
18 Jin Longguo Choon 1,190,935
19 Ahn Hyeongseop Yuehua 1,171,439
20 Choi Minki Pledis 1,102,561