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The remaining 12 teams performed their respective songs and rehearsals for the groups are shown. After the last performance, the contestants were shown their rankings based purely on individual live votes and the additional 3000 points for the contestants of the winning teams: Park Woodam took 1st place. His "Mansae" group, also scored the highest, and were able to perform a special stage on M! Countdown. The rest of the teams covering SHINee's "Replay, Seventeen's "Mansae", Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry", Beast's "Shock, Infinite's "Be Mine", and BTS's "Boy in Luve" we covered this episode.

Group Battle Ranks

The end of the epsiode reveals the rankings of the boys based just on the audience votes from the Group Battle Evaluation. The team with the most votes overall, Group 1 of Seventeen's "Mansae", was able do their performance again on M Countdown.


Online vote ranking was not shown, however the top 20 listed below are after the on-sight voting (plus the bonus) was added.

Rank Boy Company
1 Park Jihoon Maroo
2 Lee Daehwi Brand New Music
3 Kim Samuel Brave
4 Ong Seongwoo Fantagio
5 Ahn Hyeongseop Yuehua
6 Ju Haknyeon Cre.Ker
7 Lai Guanlin Cube
8 Jang Moonbok ONO
9 Yoon Jisung MMO
10 Bae Jinyoung C9
11 Jung Sewoon Starship
12 Kang Daniel MMO
13 Kim Jonghyun Pledis
14 Lee Euiwoong Yuehua
15 Yoo Seonho Cube
16 Hwang Minhyun Pledis
17 Park Sungwoo HIM
18 Kim Jaehwan Independent
19 Choi Minki Pledis
20 Kang Dongho Pledis