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The trainees from each company entered the studio, where seats are arranged in a pyramid with chairs numbered from 1 to 101. Each contestant chose his preferred seat in the pyramid. Any trainee that wanted the #1 seat was allowed to challenge whoever was currently occupying the chair, and a few challenges were made throughout the episode. The contestants then performed in a group or individually according to their company for evaluation. Each trainee was judged on their talents and were graded and assigned into temporary groups for training: A, B, C, D, and F with A being the highest and F the lowest. At the end of the episode, the popularity vote was shown with Maroo Entertainment's Park Jihoon at 1st place.


See: the Company Evaluation chart or visit the individual trainee's pages.


Company Name Grade
Individual Trainees Kim Sangbin B
Kim Jaehwan B
Kim Chan D
Lee Insoo C
Choi Dongha C
2able Company Joo Wontak B
2Y Entertainment Lee Kiwon D
Ador and Able Noh Taehyun A
Ha Sungwoon A
Banana Entertainment Yoon Yongbin C
Blessing Entertainment Yu Jinwon C
Im Woohyuk C
Brand New Music Kim Donghyun B
Park Woojin A
Lee Daehwi A
Lim Youngmin B
Brave Entertainment Kim Samuel A
C2K Entertainment Kim Seongri B
C9 Entertainment Bae Jinyoung C
Choon Entertainment Kim Shihyun D
Jin Longguo C
Cre.Ker Entertainment Ju Haknyeon F
CS Entertainment Jo Jinhyung D
Cube Entertainment Lai Guanlin D
Yoo Seonho F
FENT Entertainment Lee Junwoo F
Fantagio Entertainment Ong Seongwoo A
FNC Entertainment Yoo Hweseung D
Gini Stars Entertainment Kim Dohyun C
Park Heeseok D
Wang Minhyuk D
GNI Entertainment Jeong Sihyun F
GON Entertainment Hong Eunki C
Hanahreum Entertainment Kim Taemin F
HF Music Company Park Woodam C
Woo Jinyoung C
Jung Woncheol F
Jo Yonggeun F
HIM Entertainment Park Sungwoo F
Hunus Entertainment Kim Sanggyun F
I.One Entertainment Kim Yeonguk F
Nam Yoonsung F
Yoo Hoyeon F
Choi Heesoo F
IMX Cho Kyumin F
IT Entertainment Lee Seokyu F
Han Minho D
Jellyfish Entertainment Yoon Heeseok F
K-Tigers Byun Hyunmin F
Kiwi Media Group Kim Dongbin F
Maroo Entertainment Kwon Hyeop D
Park Jihoon C
Han Jongyeon B
Media Line Lee Woojin B
MMO Entertainment Kang Daniel B
Kim Jaehan C
Yoon Jisung F
Joo Jinwoo F
Choi Taewoong C
Namoo Actors Lee Youjin D
Narda Entertainment Kim Taewoo F
ONO Entertainment Jang Moonbok F
Oui Entertainment Kim Donghan D
Jang Daehyeon B
Jo Sungwook F
Pan Lee Jihan F
Pledis Entertainment Kang Dongho D
Kim Jonghyun D
Choi Minki D
Hwang Minhyun C
RBW Son Dongmyeong D
Yeo Hwanwoong B
Lee Gunmin D
Lee Gunhee D
Choi Jaewoo C
S How Entertainment Kim Namhyung A
Jeong Dongsu B
Star Road Entertainment Takada Kenta C
Starship Entertainment Lee Gwanghyun B
Jung Sewoon B
STL Entertainment Choi Junyoung B
The Jackie Chan Group Kim Chanyul F
Choi Hadon D
The Vibe Label Kim Taedong F
Seong Hyunwoo C
Yoon Jaechan B
Ha Minho B
Total Set Yoo Kyungmok D
Wayz Company Jung Joongji F
WH Creative Seo Sunghyuk D
Widmay Kim Yehyeon F
Wings Entertainment Kim Yongjin D
YGKPlus Kwon Hyunbin F
Kim Hyunwoo F
Lee Hoolim D
Jeong Hyojun F
Yuehua Entertainment Ahn Hyeongseop D
Lee Euiwoong C
Justin C
Jung Jung C
Choi Seunghyuk D


note: This is only the top 20 of the episode. To see all the ranks of a trainee, visit their individual profiles, where a graph will be listed.

Rank Boy Company
1 Park Jihoon Maroo
2 Jang Moonbok ONO
3 Lee Daehwi Brand New Music
4 Ju Haknyeon Cre.Ker
5 Bae Jinyoung C9
6 Kim Samuel Brave
7 Ahn Hyeongseop Yuehua
8 Ong Seongwoo Fantagio
9 Lee Euiwoong Yuehua
10 Lai Guanlin Cube
11 Hwang Minhyun Pledis
12 Park Sungwoo HIM
13 Jung Sewoon Starship
14 Choi Minki Pledis
15 Kim Jonghyun Pledis
16 Kwon Hyunbin YGKPlus
17 Lee Gunhee RBW
18 Justin Yuehua
19 Kang Dongho Pledis
20 Lee Woojin Media Line