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The groups that competed in the dance and rap categories performed their respective songs and the rehearsals for the groups were shown. The "Bang Bang" group, composed of Choi Yoojung, Jeon Somi, Kim Doyeon, Kim Chungha, Kim Dani, Kwon Eunbean, and Kim Seokyung, received the show's first-ever encore call. Kconic Entertainment's Kim Hyeongeun emerged as the winner in the rap category, and Jellyfish Entertainment's Kang Mina emerged as the winner in the dance category.


The performances spanned over episodes 6 and 7. This is a complete list of the performances for both episodes.

Position Evaluation Girls Song Link
Vocal Kang Kyungwon, Kim Minkyung, Lee Sumin, Lee Suhyun, Heo Chanmi Big Bang - Monster
Ahn Yeseul, Kim Sohee, Jung Eunwoo EXO - Call Me Baby
Kang Sira, Kim Yeonkyung, Park Sehee, Sung Hyemin, Hwang Insun John Park & Huh Gak - My Best
Kim Taeha, Park Siyeon, Lee Haein, Jung Haerim, Han Hyeri GFriend - Me Gustas Tu
Kim Sejeong, Kim Nayoung, Yoon Chaekyung, Oh Seojeong Zion.T - Yanghwa Bridge
Kim Juna, Yu Yeonjeong, Jo Siyoon, Yoon Seohyung, Arioshi Risa, Chu Yejin Tashannie - Day by Day
Dance Im Jeongmin, Yoo Sua, Park Haeyeong, Park Gaeul, Park Soyeon, Park Hayi, Kim Minjung EXO - Growl
Kang Siwon, Kim Sihyun, Kang Mina, Lee Yoonseo, Im Nayoung Destiny's Child - Say My Name
Zhou Kyulkyung, Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Sohye Sunmi - Full Moon
Choi Yoojung, Jeon Somi, Kim Doyeon, Kim Chungha, Kim Dani, Kwon Eunbean, Kim Seokyung Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang
Rap Kim Minji, Kim Hyungeun, Hwang Ayoung Verbal Jint - You Look Good
Kang Yebin, Shim Chaeeun, Jeon Soyeon, Hwang Suyeon SMTM4 - Turtle Ship
Kang Sihyun, Ki Huihyeon, Ng Si Kai iKON - Rhythm Ta


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