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Jang Geunsuk once again met up with the trainees to announce the next challenge. The trainees were tasked to perform live in groups based on positions they want to debut in: vocal, dance, or rap. There were six songs for vocals (Big Bang's "Monster", EXO's "Call Me Baby", Huh Gak and John Park's "My Best", GFriend's "Me Gustas Tu", Zion.T's "Yanghwa BRDG", and Tashannie's "Day by Day"), four songs for Dance (EXO's "Growl", Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang", Destiny's Child's "Say My Name", and Sunmi's "Full Moon") and three songs for Rap (Verbal Jint's "You Look Happy", SMTM4's "Turtle Ship", and IKON's "Rhythm Ta"). Each song had a member limit and would be picked by each trainee in order of their ranks. In which case, Jellyfish Entertainment's Kim Sejeong had the privilege of choosing the song she wants to perform first and Happy Face Entertainment's Hwang Ayoung was automatically placed in the empty remaining slot. Jang Geunsuk also announced that only 35 trainees would remain in the next round and the winner from each category will receive 100,000 votes added on to their current votes. The vocal teams were the first to perform and after each performance, they were ranked in their groups first and then overall in each category. Kim Sejeong emerged as the winner in the vocal category.


Girl Company Rank
Kim Sejeong Jellyfish 1
Choi Yoojung Fantagio 2
Kang Mina Jellyfish 3
Jeon Somi JYP 4
Kim Nayoung Jellyfish 5
Zhou Kyulkyung Pledis 6
Kim Sohye RedLine 7
Kim Doyeon Fantagio 8
Yu Yeonjeong Starship 9
Jung Chaeyeon MBK 10
Im Nayoung Pledis 11
Ki Huihyeon MBK 12
Kim Chungha M&H 13
Kim Dani MBK 14
Kwon Eunbean CUBE 15
Jung Eunwoo Pledis 16
Park Xiyeon Pledis 17
Jeon Soyeon CUBE 18
Lee Haein SS 19
Yoon Chaekyung DSP 20
Ng Sze Kai Chorokbaem Juna 21
Kim Seokyoung Individual 22
Han Hyeri Star Empire 23
Kim Juna Music K 24
Seong Hyemin Individual 25
Park Soyeon LOEN 26
Kang Yebin Pledis 27
Heo Chanmi Double Kick 28
Kang Siwon Individual 29
Kim Sohee Music Works 30
Hwang Insun Show Works 31
Kim Hyeongeun Kconic 32
Lee Suhyun SS 33
Ahn Yeseul MAJESTY 34
Yoon Seohyoung &August 35
Hwang Sooyeon Happy Face 36
Kim Sihyeon Individual 37
Park Haeyoung 2able 38
Kim Minjung Individual 39
Kim Minkyung Pledis 40
Cho Shiyoon DSP 41
Kang Gyeongwon Pledis 42
Kim Minji Kconic 43
Jung Haerim Fantagio 44
Park Hayi Cani Star 45
Lee Soomin Fantagio 46
Chu Yejin Fantagio 47
Yu Sua MJ 48
Oh Seojun M&H 49
Ariyoshi Risa Tipping 50
Park Gaeul Astory 51
Park Sehee Kconic 52
Hwang Ayoung Happy Face 53
Lee Jinhee Kconic 54
Kim Taeha Starship 55
Shim Chaeun Starship 57
Lee Younseo CUBE 58
Kang Sihyun Star Empire 59
Kim Yeonkyung Midas 60
Kang Sira Chungchun 61

Trainees ranked 62-97 were previously eliminated. No trainees were eliminated this episode.