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For this episode, Shin Bora, Heo Youngji and Block B's Park Kyung appeared as special panelists. In between announcements of each girl's ranking during the first elimination, events leading up to the elimination were shown. Just after arriving at the dorms, the girls were taken to get flu shots. Weeks after, they were weighed and did a series of exercises with the help of trainer Ray Yang. Some girls were put on a strict diet in order to lose weight. The trainees were also tricked into participating in a couple 'hidden cameras'. The first was a consideration test to see who would help a staff member who was struggling with two heavy packs of water bottles. The second was a puddle of coke which was spilled on the floor of a waiting room to see if they would clean up the mess or ignore it. The third was a $30,000 camera which a staff pretended to break during a fake interview. The staff tells each trainee that she might get fired, and some girls take responsibility, pretending it was them who broke it regardless of the consequense to potentially be kicked off the show. The 97 trainees all individually voted to choose the 'top visual' trainee. Pledis Entertainment's Zhou Jieqiong took first place while Jung Chaeyeon, Kim Doyeon, Kim Sejeong, Kim Jisung, Seo Hyelin, Park Siyeon, Kwon Eunbean, Ki Huihyeon, Lee Suhyun, and Jeon Somi took 2nd to 11th place respectively. Jang Geunsuk then announced the top 20 voted trainees with Kim Sejeong coming in 1st for the first ranking evaluation, and finally the 61st and last trainee, Happy Face Entertainment's Hwang Ayoung, who was barely saved from elimination.

Hidden Prank Results

Heavy Water Test

  • Jeon Somi was shown as the first trainee to help the staff member carry the heavy water.
  • Heo Chanmi also helped the staff member along with Bang Junhee

Spilled Soda

  • After the Jellyfish trainees took some snacks from the table, Kim Sejeong took some wipes, presumably to wipe the soda, but used them to open the door handle.
  • A mix of trainees were shown as the first to take action, mainly with Kwon Eunbean cleaning up the spill.
  • Happy Face's Hwang Suyeon immediately noticed the spill on the floor and picked up the bottle, then using wipes to clean the mess.
  • M2's Pyeon Kangyoon also immediately noticed the spill and took action to clean it.
  • Following suit, the individual trainees also noticed and cleaned the mess.
  • MJ's Yoo Sua was the first of her group to notice and the group of trainees together cleaned up the spill.
  • All the Pledis trainees noticed the spill and collectively cleaned it up.
  • When the MBK trainees entered the room, Ki Huihyeon was the first to notice the bottle and immediately picked it up. They then cleaned it up together.
  • When the CUBE trainees saw the mess, the first two ignored it and only Jeon Soyeon took action, eventually the other trainees did join.

Broken Camera

  • The first trainee to be shown with this prank was Jellyfish's Kang Mina. When she noticed it was completely broken, she immediately offered to take the blame. When the supervisor returned she stuck with her word and told him she had done it.
  • The next trainee shown was DSP's Yoon Chaekyung. When the camera is knocked over, Chaekyung immediately reacts and helps pick up the pieces. She tells the assistant that she will tell the supervisor what happened (assuming she will take responsibility). As soon as the supervisor enters, she says the camera fell. She then says it was her mistake it fell and took responsibility for the accident.
  • Majesty's Ahn Yesul was the last trainee shown. She is shocked, but tells the assistant not to worry and that she will talk with the supervisor. She takes responsibility and apologizes to the supervisor.

Top Visual

The Trainees voted for who they thought was the top visual out of the 97 of them. Then they were ranked by who had the most votes:

  1. Zhou Kyulkyung
  2. Jung Chaeyeon
  3. Kim Doyeon
  4. Kim Sejeong
  5. Kim Jisung
  6. Seo Hyelin
  7. Park Siyeon
  8. Kwon Eunbean
  9. Ki Huihyeon
  10. Lee Suhyun
  11. Jeon Somi


Jang Geunsuk announced the safe trainees in groups of ten leaving 61st place for last. Starting with 60-51, then 50-41. (There was then a break in announcing to show the hidden camera pranks.) Ranking Announcement resumed to reveal 40-31, then 30-21. (There is another break to show the top visual voting and ranking.) Rank announcement resumes. Jang Keunsuk announces ranks 20-12 before moving on to announce each of the top 11 individually. Trainees ranked 62-97 were eliminated

Trainee Company Former Rank* Episode Rank Votes Rank Change*
Kim Sejeong Jellyfish 2 1 559,694 ⇧1
Jeon Somi JYP 1 2 528,772 ⇩1
Choi Yoojung Fantagio 8 3 392,773 ⇧5
Zhou Kyulkyung Pledis 6 4 387,537 ⇧2
Kang Mina Jellyfish 3 5 376,977 ⇩2
Ki Huihyeon MBK 5 6 294,540 ⇩1
Kim Dani MBK 4 7 273,930 ⇩3
Jung Chaeyeon MBK 10 8 251,469 ⇧2
Kim Nayoung Jellyfish 7 9 250,552 ⇩2
Jeon Soyeon CUBE 11 10 230,395 ⇧1
Kim Sohye RedLine 16 11 227,670 ⇧5
Yu Yeonjung Starship 55 12 214,601 ⇧43
Kim Doyeon Fantagio 14 13 203,007 ⇧1
Kim Chungha M&H 23 14 193,820 ⇧9
Heo Chanmi Dublekick 9 15 184,428 ⇩6
Kwon Eunbean CUBE 12 16 179,701 ⇩4
Ng Sze Kai CBJN 19 17 176,661 ⇧2
Jung Eunwoo Pledis 13 18 165,404 ⇩5
Kim Juna music K 19 161,825
Park Soyeon LOEN 20 156,144
Yoon Chaekyung DSP 21 149,977
Han Hyeri Star Empire 22 125,095
Kim Sohee Music Works 23 109,501
Im Nayoung Pledis 24 107,785
Ahn Yeseul Majesty 25 106,322
Park Siyeon Pledis 26 105,963
Cho Shiyoon DSP 27 102,110
Kang Yebin Pledis 28 88,227
Yoon Seohyung &August 29 73,558
Kim Seokyung Independent 30 72,452
Kang Kyungwon Pledis 31 71,200
Lee Suhyun SS 32 65,610
Kim Taeha Starship 33 64,129
Kim Minji Kconic 34 63,132
Kim Sihyeon Independent 35 60,090
Hwang Insun Show Works 36 59,736
Kim Hyeongeun Kconic 37 59,191
Lee Younseo CUBE 38 56,821
Kang Siwon Independent 39 56,224
Lee Haein SS 40 52,494
Oh Seojung M&H 41 51,381
Kim Minkyung Pledis 42 50,652
Park Haeyoung 2able 43 47,662
Jung Haerim Fantagio 44 43,960
Lee Soomin Fantagio 45 43,932
Park Gaeul Astory 46 41,873
Lee Jinhee Kconic 47 41,286
Ariyoshi Risa Tipping 48 41,244
Park Sehee Kconic 49 41,203
Chu Yejin Fantagio 50 41,048
Kim Minjung Independent 51 39,033
Kim Yeonkyung Midas 52 38,506
Im Jungmin Yama&HC 53 36,760
Park Hayi Canistar 54 34,459
Seong Hyemin Independent 55 33,641
Hwang Sooyeon Happyface 56 30,858
Yu Sua MJ 57 30,609
Shim Chaeeun Starship 58 30,347
Kang Sira ChungChun 59 29,703
Kang Sihyeon Star Empire 60 29,124
Hwang Ayoung Happyface 61 28,223
Kim Dajeong Annyeong 62 28,000
Ahn Yumi Blessing 63 27,793
Kim Sihyeon Happyface 64 27,656
Seo Hyelin SS 65 27,333
Hwang Riyu nh emg 66 27,042
Hwang Seyoung LOUDers 67 26,981
Kim Jisung Happyface 68 26,566
Kim Suhyun Mystic 69 26,139
Choi Eunbin Nextar 70 25,659
Park Minji MagicFresh 71 24,772
Ham Yeji Star Planet 72 24,485
Kim Miso MJ 73 24,114
Kim Woojung Happyface 74 23,795
Heo Saem MJ 75 23,722
Han Jiyeon Midas 76 23,566
Niwa Shiori Majesty 77 23,045
Pyun Kangjoon m2 project 78 21,908
Lee Suhyun Happyface 79 21,762
Kim Hongeun Happyface 80 21,598
Kim Dohee Blessing 81 21,485
Kim Seola ecube 82 21,394
Oh Han Areum Blessing 83 21,245
Kim Yunji Star Empire 84 21,206
Lee Seojung LOUDers 85 21,018
Kim Jayeon Happyface 86 20,932
Lee Chaelin Midas 87 20,868
Choi Yubin Midas 88 20,829
Katherine Lee Midas 89 20,807
Shin Hyehyeon Midas 90 20,752
Nam Sujin MagicFresh 91 20,189
Kim Solee Blessing 92 19,899
Lee Seheun Next Level 93 18,731
Park Joonhee Blessing 94 18,579
Yun Yudam FM 95 18,206
Kim Boseon LOUDers 96 18,304
Moon Hyunju Nextar 97 16,736

*Based off of their ranks from episode 3.