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This episode was the only episode to be aired live. The episode began by showing the girls' audition tapes, as well as their final confessional interviews. An announcement was then made that viewers would be able to send SMS votes for one girl only, which would be added to the online votes in order to determine the final line-up. Throughout the episode, the trainee ranked 11th was revealed every now and then to encourage people to vote. The debut evaluation started off with the the top 22 trainees performing "PICK ME" and the eliminated trainees joining the performance at the end. Jang Geunsuk then revealed that the debut group, named I.O.I, would debut with a "unique" concept. The episode then flashed back to the guerilla concert held by the top 22 girls, where they performed their songs from the concept evaluation and eliminated trainee, Show Works' Hwang Insun, acted as the MC. A high-five event was also held with the first 500 people that arrived at the concert, with Kim Sejeong receiving the most high-fives.

The episode cut to the girls recording "When the Cherry Blossoms Fade" (produced by B1A4's Jin-young who previously produced "In the Same Place"), which they performed on the final stage. The girls were then shown preparing for their debut song, during which they surprised the trainers with thank you video messages, cake, and flowers. After the performance of "CRUSH", the episode cut to the girls interviewing one another, undergoing group photoshoots, and finally, reading letters they had written to themselves from earlier episodes. Voting soon came to a close, and the ranking announcements began. Lim Nayoung, Kang Mina, Kim Doyeon, Jung Chaeyeon, Zhou Jieqiong, Kim Sohye, Kim Chungha, and Choi Yoojung are announced as 10th to 3rd place, respectively, which confirmed them for debut. Again, Jeon Somi and Kim Sejeong were called up as contenders for 1st, the center spot. Again, Jeon Somi took the 1st place spot, which confirmed her position as I.O.I's center. The contenders for the 11th spot, Star Empire Entertainment's Han Hyeri and Starship Entertainment's Yu Yeonjung, were then announced with Yu Yeonjung ultimately being revealed to be I.O.I's final member.


Company Evaluations Cont.

Song Link
Pick Me - Finale
When the Cherry Blossoms Fade


Trainee Company Rank Votes
Jeon Somi JYP 1 858,333
Kim Sejeong Jellyfish 2 525,352
Choi Yoojung Fantagio 3 438,778
Kim Chungha M&H 4 403,633
Kim Sohye RedLine 5 229,732
Zhou Kyulkyung Pledis 6 218,338
Jun Chaeyeon MBK 7 215,338
Kim Doyeon Fantagio 8 200,069
Kang Mina Jellyfish 9 173,762
Im Nayoung Pledis 10 138,726
Yu Yeonjung Starship 11 136,780
Han Hyeri Star Empire 12 134,128
Lee Suhyun SS 13 133,900
Kim Nayoung Jellyfish 14 133,247
Kim Sohee Music Works 15 128,527
Yoon Chaekyung DSP 16 128,454
Lee Haein SS 17 116,566
Park Soyeon LOEN 18 100,001
Ki Huihyun MBK 19 98,849
Jeon Soyeon CUBE 20 78,058
Jun Eunwoo Pledis 21 42,461
Kang Sira Chungchun Music 22 40,759