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The contestants entered the studio where 101 seats were arranged in a pyramid shape with a glamorous chair for the '#1' trainee at the top. The trainees were introduced by their label and choose seats to sit in from 1 (the top seat) to 101 (the last seat). The contestants then performed songs and/or dances with their agency group, or solo if they were the only one representing their agency. Each individual trainee was judged based on their overall talents during their performance and were graded and organized into classes; A being the highest ("best") and F the lowest ("worst"). At the end of the episode the popularity ranking was shown with JYP Entertainment's Jeon Somi in first place.


note: the following two sections are just of the featured performances of the episode, and will not include all of the girls. For a list of all performances, see the Season 1 Company Evaluation page.

Company Trainee Song Link
Starship Kim Taeha, Shim Chaeeun, Yu Yeonjung I Swear - Sistar Video Link
RedLine Kim Sohye Somehow - DIA Video Link
MBK Jung Chaeyeon, Ki Heehyun, Kim Dani Good Girl, Bad Girl - Miss A Video Link
Jellyfish Kang Mina, Kim Nayoung, Kim Sejeong Something New - Nikki Yanofsky Video Link
CUBE Jeon Soyeon, Kwon Eunbean, Lee Younseo Crazy - 4Minute Video Link
DSP Cho Shiyoon, Yoon Chaekyung Mister - KARA Video Link
Canistar Park Hayi Nobody (Rainstone Remix) - Wonder Girls Video Link
&August Yoon Seohyung Good Day - IU Video Link
Dublekick Heo Chanmi Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna Video Link
Pledis Im Nayoung, Jung Eunwoo, Kang Kyungwon, Kang Yebin, Kim Minkyung, Park Siyeon, Zhou Kyulkyung Bang! - After School Video Link
JYP Jeon Somi Lips Are Movin' - Meghan Trainor Video Link
Music K Kim Juna Who You Are - Jessie J Video Link


Name Company Grade
Kim Taeha Starship B
Shim Chaeeun Starship C
Yu Yeonjung Starship B
Kim Sohye RedLine F
Jung Chaeyeon MBK C
Ki Heehyun MBK C
Kim Dani MBK B
Kang Mina Jellyfish A
Kim Nayoung Jellyfish A
Kim Sejeong Jellyfish A
Jeon Soyeon CUBE A
Kwon Eunbean CUBE A
Lee Younseo CUBE F
Cho Shiyoon DSP D
Yoon Chaekyung DSP D
Park Hayi Canistar F
Yoon Seohyung &August F
Heo Chanmi Dublekick A
Im Nayoung Pledis B
Jung Eunwoo Pledis D
Kang Kyungwon Pledis C
Kang Yebin Pledis A
Kim Minkyung Pledis F
Park Siyeon Pledis B
Zhou Kyulkyung Pledis A
Jeon Somi JYP A


  • This is only the top 11 of the episode.
Trainee Company Former Rank Episode Rank Rank Change
Jeon Somi JYP 1
Kim Sejeong Jellyfish 2
Zhou Kyulkyung Pledis 3
Jung Chaeyeon MBK 4
Jung Eunwoo Pledis 5
Ki Huihyeon MBK 6
Kim Dani MBK 7
Kang Mina Jellyfish 8
Kim Nayoung Jellyfish 9
Kwon Eunbean CUBE 10
Choi Yoojung Fantagio 11
Han Hyeri Star Empire 12
Kim Sohee Music Works 13
Lee Suhyun SS 14
Yoon Chaekyung DSP 15
Heo Chanmi Dublekick 16
Kim Taeha Starship 17
Lee Younseo CUBE 18
Lee Haein SS 19
Kang Yebin Pledis 20
Cho Shiyoon DSP 21
Kim Sihyun Independent 22
Jeon Soyeon CUBE 23
Kim Sohye RedLine 24
Seo Hyelin SS 25
Kim Minkyung Pledis 26
Park Siyeon Pledis 27
Kim Doyeon Fantagio 28
Kim Minjung Independent 29
Park Soyeon LOEN 30
Im Jungmin Yama&HC 31
Im Nayoung Pledis 32
Kang Sihyeon Star Empire 33
Kim Seokyung Independent 34
Kim Hyungeun Kconic 35
Chu Yejin Fantagio 36
Kim Chungha M&H 37
Ahn Yeseul Majesty 38
Seong Hyemin Independent 39
Shim Chaeeun Starship 40
Kim Suhyun Mystic 41
Kang Sira ChungChun 42
Park Hayi Canistar 43
Kim Minji Kconic 44
Kim Dajeong Annyeong 45
Kang Siwon Independent 46
Jung Haerim Fantagio 47
Kim Dohee Blessing 48
Kang Kyungwon Pledis 49
Hwang Insun Show Works 50
Oh Seojung M&H 51
Kim Miso MJ 52
Ng Sze Kai CBJN 53
Im Hyosun CMG 54
Han Jiyeon Midas 55
Choi Yubin Midas 56
Kim Sihyeon Happy Face 57
Yoon Seohyung &August 58
Moon Hyunju Nextar 59
Park Sehee Kconic 60
Heo Saem MJ 61
Ariyoshi Risa Tipping 62
Yu Yeonjung Starship 63
Yu Sua MJ 64
Ma Eunjin Clear 65
Oh Han Areum Blessing 66
Kim Woojung Happy Face 67
Niwa Shiori Majesty 68
Hwang Sooyeon Happy Face 69
Park Minji Magic Fresh 70
Lee Suhyun Happy Face 71
Katherine Lee Midas 72
Bang Joonhee Blessing 73
Lee Chaelin Midas 74
Kim Yeonkyung Midas 75
Kim Juna Music K 76
Kim Jisung Happy Face 77
Hwang Seyoung LOUDers 78
Yun Yudam FM 79
Kim Hongeun Happy Face 80
Hwang Ayoung Happy Face 81
Nam Sujin Magic Fresh 82
Lee Jinhee Kconic 83
Kim Boseon LOUDers 84
Shin Hyehyeon Midas 85
Lee Seheun Next Level 86
Park Gaeul Astory 87
Yim Kyungha Astory 88
Lee Soomin Fantagio 89
Choi Eunbin Nextar 90
Kim Seola ECUBE 91
Ahn Yumi Blessing 92
Kim Hayun 101 Doors 93
Kim Yunji Star Empire 94
Pyun Kangyoon M2 Project 95
Hwang Riyu NH EMG 96
Park Haeyoung 2able 97
Kim Solee Blessing 98
Kim Jayeon Happy Face 99
Lee Seojung LOUDers 100
Ham Yeji Star Planet 101