After elimination, Lee Dongwook gathered the groups and revealed some information to them. He revealed the benefit votes for the on-site voting. First place trainees of each team will receive 500 times their votes. The first place team of the concept evaluation will receive 200,000 benefit votes. However, the members of the first place team will split the votes so that the first place trainee in the group receives 100,000 votes and the rest receive 20,000 votes. Dongwook also revealed that the groups are only allowed six members for the final lineup have to reorganize their groups. So, groups "MOVE", "Pretty Girl", and "U Got It" have to vote out one, four, and three members respectively. After the trainees were voted out of their group, they are then moved to one of the two remaining groups with a low count of members. This left Kim Sihoon, Keum Donghyun, and Song Yuvin to move to the "Super Special Girl" team and left Nam Dohyon, Lee Sejin, Joo Changuk, and Kim Minkyu to move to the "Monday to Sunday" team. After the members were all moved and settled, the groups then had to reassign all the parts including the center position. The trainees had a practice session in front of all the trainers, including two special trainers, Minhwak the choreographer for "Monday to Sunday", and Kasper the choreographer for "Super Special Girl". After each group's practice with the trainers, the trainees were all gathered and Lee Dongwook announced the surviving "X" trainee from the previous episode and public vote. Dongwook revealed that trainee Kim Dongyun was the one who survived. He then announced that each group would be given 20 minutes to decide if they would like to recruit Dongyun for their performance. If no one chose to recruit Dongyun, then he would choose a group blindly (from a random draw). All the groups were separated to deliberate their options, and at the end of their allotted time, the "Monday to Sunday" group decided to recruit Dongyun. They were the only group to chose him so he was automatically added to their team.


The public vote ranks were not shown this episode.

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