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Lee Dongwook announced the beginning of the next evaluation prior to the second round of eliminations, meaning that all 60 boys that have survived so far will continue to practice for the performances, but not all of them may get to perform. The evaluation was revealed to be a concept evaluation where viewers chose group formations from a poll online. Lee Dongwook introduces the six songs: Funky Retro Dance "Pretty Girl" (KZ , Nthonious & The-Private), Future Funk "Super Special Girl" (Kwon Deunguk), Mainstream Pop "MOVE" (Zico), R&B, Dance House "Monday To Sunday" (PrimeBoi) and Future EDM Dance "U Got It" (Noehl & Kiggen). The second round of eliminations took place during the second half of the episode. The remaining 60 contestants from each company were seen entering the main studio. Names of the top 30 trainees were called by Lee Dongwook one by one starting from rank 29. The contenders for 1st place were Kim Yohan, Song Hyeongjun, Lee Jinhyuk & Kim Wooseok. It was then announced that Kim Wooseok ranked 1st place. Meanwhile, the contenders for 30th place were Joo Changuk, Kim Dongyun, Moon Hyunbin & Won Hyuk. It was announced that Joo Changuk ranked on the 30th, just escaping elimination. Although they are eliminated, Lee Dongwook said it wasn't over for the eliminated trainees. The trainees had a second chance by recording a skill that they would like to show & 1 minute introduction video appealing to the National Producers to give them another chance. The National Producers could vote for 1 eliminated trainee to get a second chance in the competition, voting ended within 24 hours after the end of this episode.


For each trainee's weekly ranking, please visit their individual pages

Rank Company Trainee
1 TOP Media Kim Wooseok
2 TOP Media Lee Jinhyuk
3 OUI Entertainment Kim Yohan
4 Starship Entertainment Song Hyeongjun
5 Starship Entertainment Koo Jungmo
6 Brand New Music Lee Eunsang
7 MBK Entertainment Nam Dohyon
8 Maroo Entertainment Lee Jinwoo
9 Plan A Han Seungwoo
10 Jellyfish Entertainment Kim Minkyu
11 DSP Media Son Dongpyo
12 The Music Works Song Yuvin
13 Plan A Entertainment Han Seungwoo
14 Starship Entertainment Ham Wonjin
15 MBK Entertainment Lee Hangyul
16 Plan A Entertainment Choi Byungchan
17 Yuehua Entertainment Cho Seungyoun
18 Woollim Entertainment Hwang Yunseong
19 C9 Entertainment Keum Donghyun
20 AAP.Y Kang Hyeonsu
21 iME Korea Lee Sejin
22 The Music Works Kim Kookheon
23 Starship Entertainment Kang Minhee
24 Brand New Music Kim Sihoon
25 Source Music Kim Hyeonbin
26 Individual Trainee Lee Hyeop
27 HONGYI Entertainment Tony
28 sidiusHQ Park Sunho
29 Individual Trainee Choi Suhwan
30 Woollim Entertainment Joo Changuk