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Lee Dongwook met with the trainees once again to announce the next challenge. The trainees were tasked to perform live in groups based on positions they wanted to debut in: vocal, dance, rap, or "X" . "X" was a new position that required trainees to perform two of the three aforementioned positions simultaneously. There were four songs for vocals (Paul Kim's "Me After You", Hwasa's "Twit", Bolbbalgan4's "To My Youth", and Wanna One's "Day by Day"), three songs for dance (Imagine Dragons's "Believer", Bruno Mars's "Finesse", and Jason Derulo's "Swalla"), two songs for rap (Zico's "Tell Me Yes or No" and Haon, Vinxen's "Barcode"), and two songs for "X" (Charlie Puth's "Attention", for vocal x dance, and SMTM4's "Turtle Ship", for rap x dance). Each song had a member limit and would be picked by each trainee based on their ranks: Kim Yohan, who ranked 1st from the first elimination round, had the privilege of choosing the song he wanted to perform first. The winner from each performance in the vocal, dance, and rap positions would receive 100 times their votes while the winner among all songs of each category would receive 100,000 votes. For the "X" position, the winner from each performance would receive 200 times their votes while the overall winner would receive 200,000 votes. After each performance, they were ranked in their groups first and then overall in the category. Lee Dongwook also announced that only the top 30 trainees will remain in the next round. Only five groups were covered this week. There were no eliminations this episode.


This is a complete list of the groups and members, not all performances were shown this episode.

Position Artist Song Members
Vocal Hwasa "Twit" Lee Eunsang, Yun Junghwan, Lee Hyeop, Lee Midam, Kang Seokhwa
Paul Kim "Me After You" Kim Yohan, Cha Junho, Kim Hyeonbin, Han Seungwoo, Wei Zi Yue
Wanna One "Day By Day" Song Yuvin, Choi Suhwan, Kwon Taeeun, Moon Junho, Nam Donghyun
Bolbbalgan4 "To My Youth" Kim Minkyu, Kim Wooseok, Lee Jinwoo, Lee Sejin, Choi Byungchan
Dance Bruno Mars "Finesse (Remix)" Song Hyeongjun, Ham Wonjin, Kim Sihoon, Lee Hangyul, Kang Minhee, Kim Dongyun, Joo Changuk
Jason Derulo "Swalla (Remix)" Choi Junseong, Kang Hyeonsu, Park Yoonsol, Kim Minseo, Lee Taeseung, Wang Jyunhao
Imagine Dragons "Believer" Son Dongpyo, Park Sunho, Hwang Yunseong, Kim Kookheon, Keum Donghyun, Kim Dongbin
Rap Zico "Say Yes Or No" Nam Donghyun, Cho Seungyoun, Kim Sungyeon, Jeong Jaehun
Haon, Vinxen "Barcode" Yuri, Baek Jin, Lee Woojin, Won Hyuk
X (Vocal X Dance) Charlie Puth "Attention" Koo Jungmo, Han Gichan, Tony, Hong Seongjun, Moon Hyunbin, Kim Sunghyun, Hidaka Mahiro
X (Rap X Dance) SMTM4 "Turtle Ship" Lee Jinhyuk, Lee Eugene, Lee Wonjun, Gwon Huijun, Woo Jewon, Kongthap Peak


This is a ranking of the top 20 trainees for the episode.
For each trainee's ranking, please visit their individual pages

Rank Company Trainee
1 TOP Media Kim Wooseok
2 Starship Entertainment Song Hyeongjun
3 Jellyfish Entertainment Kim Minkyu
4 Maroo Entertainment Lee Jinwoo
5 OUI Entertainment Kim Yohan
6 Brand New Music Lee Eunsang
7 MBK Entertainment Nam Dohyon
8 Starship Entertainment Koo Jungmo
9 The Music Works Song Yuvin
10 Starship Entertainment Ham Wonjin
11 TOP Media Lee Jinhyuk
12 DSP Media Son Dongpyo
13 Plan A Entertainment Han Seungwoo
14 Plan A Entertainment Choi Byungchan
15 Woolim Entertainment Cha Junho
16 C9 Entertainment Keum Donghyun
17 MBK Entertainment Lee Hangyul
18 The Music Works Kim Kookheon
19 Yuehua Entertainment Cho Seungyoun
20 iME Korea Lee Sejin