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The episode began with the grade re-evaluations of the trainees. The trainees filmed themselves performing the "X1-MA" and these videos are graded by the mentors. 'A' Class had only 15 trainees, while 'X' class had one trainee left. The trainees from 'A' Class would be eligible for the center position in their "X1-MA" stage at M! Countdown while the trainee of the X class would not be allowed to participate in the show. After re-evaluation, the center was chosen with a poll where the National Producers had voted. Three trainees from 'A' Class made the cut-off, Kim Wooseok of TOP Media, Kim Sihoon of Brand New Music and Son Dongpyo of DSP Media. Son Dongpyo won and was chosen as the center of the performance. After rehearsing several times, they performed at M! Countdown.

After the performance, Lee Dongwook announced that only the top 60 trainees would qualify in the second evaluation and the rest will be eliminated. To start of the second mission, Lee Dongwook announced that a trainee whose name was picked from the lucky draw should pick a team of 12 or 14 and perform songs of mainstream idols: Wanna One, BTS, EXO, MONSTA X, NCT, NU'EST, SEVENTEEN, and GOT7. Son Dongpyo, with the privilege of the center of "X1-MA", got to choose his group first. The others who were picked by the lucky draw followed suit. The team founders then participated in a foot race to choose the group they wanted. After picking, it was announced that the team will be halved, one half performing the debut song of the selected group and the other group will be performing a hit song unlike the previous seasons, where the group will be performing the same song. The team founders had the right to choose the song and their team members.

The group members then assign positions (i.e Main Vocal, Leader, Centre.. etc.) and begin practicing. Bae Yoonjung and Joohoney of MONSTA X are seen as guest mentors.

The winning team, determined by the consolidated votes of the individual members would receive a bonus vote benefit, while the highest scoring team will perform at M! Countdown.

Groups performing "Love Shot" and "Mama" of EXO and "No More Dream" of BTS were shown this episode.

At the end of the episode, the popularity vote was shown where OUI Entertainment's, Kim Yohan was ranked #1

Grade Changes

Trainees were reevaluated by mentors with the performance they had recorded.

See Contestant List or the trainee's individual profile to see the reevaluated grade.

Group X Battle

See Group X Battle to see the full performances info and results.