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The evaluation ends with the episode and the trainees were assigned their grades and accommodated their respective dorms after receiving their uniforms. The title song, "X1-MA" is revealed, which they would perform 3 days later at M! Countdown. Trainees begin to train according to their assigned schedule with the mentors. Later it is revealed that the X-rank trainees aren't eliminated, rather taken to a different training center where they emphasize more on the trainee's basics. The trainees would undergo one more final evaluation, in where they are filmed when they are performing "X1-MA". Their re-gradation would reveal their positions and line distributions. At the end of the episode, the popularity vote was shown where OUI Entertainment's, Kim Yohan was ranked #1


See the Contestant List or the trainee's individual profile to see their initial grades.


This is a ranking of the top 20 trainees for the episode.
For each trainee's ranking, please visit their individual pages

Rank Company Trainee
1 OUI Entertainment Kim Yohan
2 Brand New Music Lee Eunsang
3 Jellyfish Entertainment Kim Minkyu
4 MBK Entertainment Nam Dohyon
5 The Music Works Song Yuvin
6 DSP Media Son Dongpyo
7 TOP Media Kim Wooseok
8 SidiusHQ Park Sunho
9 Starship Entertainment Koo Jungmo
10 Starship Entertainment Song Hyeongjun
11 Woollim Entertainment Cha Junho
12 Individual Trainee Lee Eugene
13 The Music Works Kim Kookheon
14 iME Korea Lee Sejin
15 Starship Entertainment Ham Wonjin
16 MLD Entertainment Kim Dongbin
17 Brand New Music Kim Sihoon
18 Brand New Music Yun Junghwan
19 Maroo Entertainment Lee Jinwoo
20 Starship Entertainment Kang Minhee