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Lee Seunggi announced that since there was an uneven number of members after the last elimination, groups with more than five people (Rollin' Rollin', To Reach You, Rumor and I AM) needed to vote on who stayed and who was kicked out. Then, the trainees who were kicked out of their respective songs needed to move to the songs with less than five members (See You Again, 1000%). Starting from the song that had the trainee with the highest rank, See You Again team got to choose which trainee they wanted in their team. After they chose, the rest of the trainees automatically became part of 1000% team. Then, Lee Seunggi visited the girls to give them advice and answer their questions. Right after that, they faced an evaluation in front of Lee Seunggi, their trainers, and the songs' composers and choreographers. No performances were aired in this episode.


Concept Producer(s) Song Members
Contemporary Girls Pop oReO 1000% Lee Chaeyeon, Miyazaki Miho, Goto Moe, Kim Minju, Shitao Miu
New Jack Swing Masked Rider To Reach You Na Goeun, Yabuki Nako, Jo Yuri, Jang Gyuri, Kim Chaewon
Hip Hop / R&B Pop Full8loom I AM Huh Yunjin, Choi Yena, An Yujin, Lee Kaeun, Takahashi Juri
Tropical Pop Dance WonderKid & Shin Kung Rollin' Rollin' Kim Nayoung, Honda Hitomi, Shiroma Miru, Jang Wonyoung, Kim Doah
Moombahton / Trap EDEN Rumor Kwon Eunbi, Lee Sian, Murase Sae, Han Chowon, Kim Sihyun
Pop Dance Lee Daehwi See You Again Park Haeyoon, Takeuchi Miyu, Wang Yiren, Kang Hyewon, Miyawaki Sakura


*This is only the top 12 of the episode.

Rank Girl Company
1 Miyazaki Miho AKB48
2 Miyawaki Sakura HKT48
3 Kang Hyewon 8D Creative
4 Takeuchi Miyu AKB48
5 Lee Kaeun PLEDIS
6 Shitao Miu AKB48
7 Yabuki Nako HKT48
8 Jang Wonyoung Starship
9 Honda Hitomi AKB48
10 An Yujin Starship
11 Kwon Eunbi Woollim
12 Lee Chaeyeon WM