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After the contestants were grouped according to their grades, the mentors announced that they will be performing on M Countdown with Produce 48's theme song "You're Mine (Pick Me)", which has a Korean and a Japanese version. Their line distribution and positioning on stage was determined by their grades, with A having the most singing lines while F were backup dancers. The trainees were given three days to memorize the choreography and the lyrics to both versions of the song, after which they underwent a re-evaluation and had their grades reassigned. The trainees filmed themselves performing the song individually - once in Korean and once in Japanese. Each video was then watched and evaluated by the mentors. The girls were then given their new grades and asked to move into their new practice rooms. The episode ended with an A class trainee being moved down to F, a first in the show's history.

Reevaluated Grades

To see the trainee's reevaluated grades, visit Season 3 Contestants.


*This is only the top 12 of the episode.

Rank Girl Company
1 Lee Kaeun PLEDIS
2 An Yujin Starship
3 Kwon Eunbi Woollim
4 Jang Wonyoung Starship
5 Miyawaki Sakura HKT48
6 Choi Yena Yuehua
7 Wang Yiren Yuehua
8 Goto Moe AKB48
9 Yamada Noe NGT48
10 Lee Chaeyeon WM
11 Takeuchi Miyu AKB48
12 Matsui Jurina SKE48