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The episode began showing the girls' audition tapes, as well as their final confessional interviews. Throughout the episode, the trainees ranked around the 12th spot were revealed. The debut evaluation started off with the eliminated trainees joining the top 20 for a performance of "Pick Me". Lee Seunggi then revealed the debuting group name as IZ*ONE. The episode then flashed back to the guerilla concert held by the top 20 girls in Japan, where they performed the theme song from the show, with NGT48's Yamada Noe acting as the MC. The episode also showed the last preparations for the two final songs. WM Entertainment's Lee Chaeyeon was chosen as the center for "We Together" and Yuehua Entertainment's Choi Yena was chosen for "You're in Love, Right?". The girls were also shown recording a final song sang by all the top 20 trainees titled "While Dreaming". The trainees shared their final thanks to the trainers, watched their audition tapes, and finally, read letters they had written to themselves from earlier episodes.

Voting soon came to a close, and ranking announcements began. Kim Minju, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chaewon, Kang Hyewon, Kwon Eunbi, Yabuki Nako, An Yujin, Choi Yena, and Jo Yuri, were announced as 11th to 3rd place, respectively, confirming them for debut. Then, Miyawaki Sakura and Jang Wonyoung were called up as contenders for 1st, with Wonyoung taking the first place, confirming her position as IZ*ONE's center. The contenders for 12th, CUBE Entertainment's Han Chowon and WM Entertainment's Lee Chaeyeon, were then announced with Chaeyeon ultimately being revealed to be IZ*ONE's final member.


Rank Girl Company Votes
1 Jang Wonyoung Starship 338,366
2 Miyawaki Sakura HKT48 316,105
3 Jo Yuri Stone Music 294,734
4 Choi Yena Yuehua 285,385
5 An Yujin Starship 280,487
6 Yabuki Nako HKT48 261,788
7 Kwon Eunbi Woollim 250,212
8 Kang Hyewon 8D 248,432
9 Honda Hitomi AKB48 240,418
10 Kim Chaewon Woollim 238,192
11 Kim Minju Urban Works 227,061
12 Lee Chaeyeon WM 221,273
13 Han Chowon CUBE 213,259
14 Lee Kaeun PLEDIS 209,252
15 Miyazaki Miho AKB48 184,765
16 Takahashi Juri AKB48 164,285
17 Takeuchi Miyu AKB48 158,052
18 Shitao Miu AKB48 129,113
19 Park Haeyoon FNC 96,612
20 Shiroma Miru NMB48 94,386