Kim Sungeun (김성은) is a singer, vocal coach and teacher. She was the vocal trainer/mentor for trainees on Produce 101 Season 1.


Kim Sungeun is the CEO of WIP Company, and has been a vocal coach and trainer for many now famous idols. She often works with various agencies to help trainees prepare for debut. She has worked with idols such as BTS, TWICE, and Dalshabet. List of pupils:

  • BIGHIT Entertainement (BTS)
  • CUBE Entertainment (M4M)
  • KEYEAST Entertainment
  • Happyface Entertainment (Dalshabet)
  • JKSpace Entertainment (The Legend)
  • Sony Music Entertainment (Wings)
  • Ctwo Entertainment (Halo)
  • Music & New Entertainment (Today)
  • Dr Music Entertainment (Rania & Babyvox)
  • PLEDIS Entertainment (Afterschool)
  • YMC Entertainment (Baechigi)
  • Dream Start Entertainment (Tahiti)
  • Raemongraein Etnertainment (Band Eden of Guak, Hee Sung and Kim Taehyung)
  • Mach Nine Entertainment (Judi and Guembi)
  • JYP Entertainment (Twice)
  • Antenna Music Entertainment
  • Lee Hyeonwu (actor)
  • Han Boreum (actress)

She has even been a vocal coach for various television shows, on screen and behind the screen. For example, she was the vocal coach for the soundtrack of Dream High 2, and she was a judge on Kpop Star Hunt.

On top of this, she is a professor of applied vocal music at Dongseoul college and Myongji College. Sungeun is also an established singer in the industry. Sungeun has also sang in the chorus of a lot of artist's songs, such as Son Dambi, Lee Hyori, and many others.



  • Anymore


  • "Anymore"
  • "I Mean Love"


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  • She has stated that her goal is that her students grow up to be successful adults before they are successful idols.
  • She directed Sam Kim's first album
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