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Choi Youngjoon (최영준) is a dancer, and choreographer. He was the dance trainer/mentor for trainees on Produce 48.


Choi Youngjoon is a renown choreographer in the kpop community. He started dance when he was younger by performing on music shows as a back up dancer and then working as a live DJ at night. Then Minwoo, a member of Shinhwa, brought him in to work with Shinhwa and show his choreography skills through their music. This allowed him to gain recognition and work with a multitude of other artists and groups.

Some famous songs he has choreographed:


Youngjoon has had a few minor controversies around him and his choreography. The main ones being that Hoshi from idol group Seventeen often contributes to the choreography of their songs was never properly credited for doing so.

The other main controversy rose in 2017 when netizens accused Youngjoon of plagiarizing Seventeen's dances to use for Twice's song "Knock Knock". However, the dance moves they noted are particularly minor, and he did choreograph both songs so not much came of this accusation.




  • He says he tries to tell stories through his dancing.
  • He says he choreographs to fit each member's strengths instead of trying to look cool